National Pet Day: Celebrating the Human to Animal Bond

At RSPCA NSW, we consider it a privilege to play a role in the lives of countless animals in need. On National Pet Day and every day, we want to take a moment to celebrate the profound love, companionship, and joy that rescue animals, or as we fondly call them, Rescuoodles, bring into our lives.

To honour the remarkable bond between humans and animals, we thought we would share a few of our recent heart warming stories of animals finding their forever homes.



After finding herself in our shelter, Tanza’s life took a remarkable turn as she embarked on a new adventure after being adopted by a loving family. Today, she thrives in her forever home, embracing every moment with boundless energy and infectious enthusiasm.

Her owners say, “She loves going to the dog park every day. She had her first beach day last week and found her passion for digging!” They love her very much, describing her as a gentle soul who adores people and other dogs. They also mention that she spends most of the day lazing around and is the most relaxed puppy they’ve ever seen!

Tanza’s story serves as a beautiful reminder of the transformative power of adoption.

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For 108 days, Woopi waited patiently in our care. Finally, the day came when his dream became a reality, and he found his forever home!

Woopi has now settled into his new home and is living out his Rescuoodle dreams, spending his days running around on luscious acreage. Woopi’s journey from rescue to forever home is a testament to his resilience and patience, as well as the enduring bond between humans and animals.


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After spending several months in our care, this sweet bundle of joy finally found her perfect match. Reya’s new family demonstrated remarkable patience and understanding, going above and beyond to ensure that Reya felt safe and loved every step of the way.

Reya’s foster mum shared, “Reya’s forever mum was a great sport, making the effort of doing not one, not two, not three, but FOUR meets before being able to take this bundle of fluff home. She showed such amazing patience and understanding. On the first meet, she wasn’t even able to touch Reya, only being able to feed her some treats, but she understood and didn’t complain. She took everything I said on board and was a quick learner. Unsurprisingly, Reya warmed up fast and got some pats on the second meet!”

Reya’s story serves as a reminder of the incredible impact of patience, understanding and unconditional love.


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We are so happy to see these Rescuoodles finally find the loving homes they deserve. A heartfelt thank you to their new owners for appreciating them for all their unique and special qualities, as well as welcoming them into your homes and hearts with care, compassion and love.

There is no greater joy than watching a Rescuoodle find their perfect match, and National Pet Day provides the perfect opportunity to celebrate the bonds formed between humans and animals. We are grateful to play a role in facilitating these connections, as every adoption represents a new beginning filled with love, companionship and endless adventures.

Whether you are adopting, fostering, volunteering, or simply spreading love to your own furry friends, we invite you to join us in celebrating the joy of pet ownership and the profound bond between humans and animals.



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