Tips to keep your home pet-friendly this holiday season

It’s the most wonderful time of the year as the holiday season is upon us. As you get ready to celebrate the holidays with your loved ones and furry friends, here are some tips from us to keep your home pet-friendly.

Avoid feeding your pets holiday leftovers

We know it’s a hard sight to resist when your pup is looking up with you hoping to snag some extra treats.

Keep your pets away from foods such as alcohol, avocado, chocolate, Christmas pudding, coffee, cooked bones, currants, fruit cake, grapes, gravy, ham, lollies, macadamia nuts, marinades, onion, pork, and raisins.

Of course, some pets are cunning when it comes to devising schemes to earn special treats and may sneak a bite or two, so keep an eye out for any changes in their health or behaviour.

Be mindful with your decorations 

Decorating your Christmas tree with tinsel and baubles is one of the most exciting parts about Christmas but your pets can easily mistake them for glistening, light-catching “toys”. Securely attach your Christmas tree to prevent it from tipping over and injuring your pet. Wires, batteries, and glass or plastic ornaments should all be kept out of reach of curious paws.

Keep your pets comfortable during fireworks displays

Many animals are afraid of fireworks displays, which can put them in danger by driving them to flee in an attempt to avoid the loud noises.

Before the fireworks begin, take your dog for some physical activity, such as a lengthy walk, and then offer them a meal after a couple of hours. During the night, a sleepy and well-fed dog may be less agitated. Stay at home with your pet if you can.

Give your pet their own space

The holiday hubbub of visitors coming in and out of your home can sometimes be a source of anxiety for your pets. Provide your pet with their own little retreat, replete with fresh water and a cosy spot to snuggle. Shy dogs and cats may seek refuge behind a piece of furniture, in their carrying case, or in a separate room away from the commotion.

Have a holiday emergency plan 

Inquire about your veterinarian’s holiday hours and who you should contact if they’re closed when your pet is injured or sick.

Keep a first-aid kit for your pet on hand, complete with gauze pads, cotton balls, and adhesive tape.

From all of us at RSPCA NSW, we wish you and your pets a safe and happy holiday season! We thank you for your ongoing support and your commitment to protecting all creatures great and small.