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Vulnerable animals like Cali need a rescuer, carer and protector.

We don’t know when Cali – a three-year-old Greyhound Cross – was last fed. It could have been weeks, or perhaps even months. This poor dog was skin and bone.

She also looked like she’d been rolling in dirt, but she wouldn’t have had the strength. A closer look showed the dirt to be flea faeces – she was completely infested, her coat crawling with itchy, biting fleas.

Cali was close to death because of human neglect. But she still wanted to be loved.

“She was wagging her tail, and wanting to be patted,” says RSPCA NSW Inspector James, who rescued her.

An increasing number of households are struggling financially, and we’re rescuing more emaciated animals like Cali, who then need months to recover physically.

Cali was also showing signs of deep anxiety. RSPCA NSW’s Behavioural Team had to work closely with her – week by week – to manage her fears. This was a vital part of her rehabilitation.

Cali now has a loving home with Karen and Glen. She finally has all the love she wants and deserves.

Animals like Cali are desperate for someone to care. Please will you give generously today?

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