Adopt Chip the Dachshund

Chip is a sweet little Dachshund dog with the biggest heart and the sweetest ride in town.

While he can only move with the help of wheels and go to the toilet with the help of nappies, you won’t see his disability getting Chip down. He’s still the happiest and cheekiest little Dashie around.

Chip first came into our care last November after his owner struggled to address his high needs – he had sores from dragging around his paralysed legs and needed round-the-clock care. Chip was reluctantly surrendered to RSPCA NSW* and, after months of rehabilitation in loving foster care, he is now on the prowl for a shiny new forever home.

Could you give him the happily ever after he’s been searching for?

While Chip is certainly one of the cutest dogs we’ve laid eyes on, he comes with quite a few special requirements. His next owner will need to tick the following boxes to take him home:

  • Must have experience with a special needs animal
  • Must have breed experience
  • Must be only animal

Crucially, due to Chip’s disability and separation anxiety, he can’t be left alone for extended periods of time. His new owner will need to be around for most of the day in order to toilet him, help him get around and offer the unconditional support he requires.

While we know he’s a handful, Chip is more than ready to wheel and deal his way into the heart of a new best friend.

If you think Chip sounds like the perfect dog (he is!) and you can meet the above requirements (fingers crossed!), then we would love to hear from you. Please fill out an expression of interest today and one of our team members will be in touch.

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Interested in adopting Chip? Express your interest today!