Are you Thinking About Adopting or Have Adopted a Dog from RSPCA NSW?

RSPCA NSW Husky Fair Blue Collar



Please help us to find out if we are doing enough to care for our dog adopters. We are working alongside the University of Sydney to answer this question.

We are excited to begin conducting research about the expectations and motivations people have before adopting a dog from RSPCA NSW, and their broad experiences and how they relate to expectations in the post adoption period.  

We have also identified a need to provide more advice and support to adopters in the post-adoption period. Your input could help us improve our processes and provide the most helpful advice and support that we can to allow our animals to live their best lives with our adopters. 

Research is very important to us at RSPCA NSW as we strive to do the best for our dogs and their adopters and ensure that our work follows an evidence-based approach. The study may be suitable for you if you are over 18 years of age, and would like to, or have adopted a dog from RSPCA NSW in the last twelve months. 

Project Lead: Associate Professor Ian Johnston, The University of Sydney 

Investigators and Staff: Georgie Caspar, the University of Sydney PhD Student and Senior Manager of Animal Behaviour RSPCA NSW, Liz Arnott RSPCA Chief Veterinarian, Haryana Dhillon Associate Professor, The University of Sydney and Mona Faris Post Doctoral Researcher, The University of Sydney. 

Project Background and Summary: 

The aim of this survey is to collect feedback to change and improve the procedures and support provided to people and dogs before, during and after the rehoming process. 

Participation in this research project will involve completing a telephone interview. Participation will be completely confidential. The interview should take approximately 20 minutes. 

You will help us understand what sort of dog you are looking for and what is important to you when making your decision. We will use this information to inform how we can better support our adopters.  

You are invited to participate in the study if, you: 

  • Are visiting RSPCA NSW and would like to adopt a dog 
  • Have adopted a dog from RSPCA NSW in the last 12 months 
  • Are aged over 18 years 
  • Are able to speak and read English adequately to participate in a semi-structured interview 
  • Willing to participate and have provided written informed consent 

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This study has been approved by the University of Sydney’s Human Research Ethics Committee.

HREC Approval No 2023/856.