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Tilly was literally starving to death.

Skeletal. Emaciated. Gaunt. We don’t know how much longer Tilly, a young Red Heeler cross, could have survived before she was rescued, along with two other dogs, from the backyard of a rural property. It looked like they hadn’t been properly fed for weeks. The only shelter they had was an old steel drum where the dogs must have curled up together to survive the cold winter nights.

In the coming months, we expect more than 4,100 animals to come through our shelter doors – some, like Tilly, with their life hanging by a thread. We must be ready to rescue them, bring them to safety, and provide all the care they need. That’s why your help is urgently needed today.


Thanks to people like you, Tilly was saved just in time – she weighed only 4kg when she arrived at RSPCA Victoria. It took two months on a special re-feeding program to get her to a healthy weight of 8kg but finally, this energetic little dog found her perfect fur-ever home where she’ll never go hungry again.

Tilly and her two friends were rescued in rural Victoria, but cruelty like this can happen anywhere – it happens here in New South Wales too. That’s why we need your help to rescue dogs like Tilly without delay.

Every animal deserves happy outcomes like this, but they’re only made possible with support from caring animal lovers like you.

Please give as generously today as you’re able to help save vulnerable animals like Tilly who are desperately in need of rescue this winter.

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