Please help provide the urgent care an animal like Lucy needs

Lucy 5

Poor Lucy – she was found in terrible pain. X-rays revealed fractures to both sides of her skull and a leg so badly broken it couldn’t be fixed.

Worse still, it’s likely these catastrophic injuries happened days earlier, but no one had brought Lucy, a nine-month-old Australian cattle dog cross, to the veterinarian.

We did everything we could, but we couldn’t save Lucy’s front leg. After the operation to remove it, Lucy spent time in Intensive Care.

Inspector Tyson stepped forward to foster Lucy despite her complex needs, “I just felt this poor dog had the worst start in life”. She needed cage rest for two months. That’s incredibly tough on a puppy, who only wants to run and play, but little Lucy came through it remarkably well. Her fractures healed. She adapted to life on three paws. And she showed us her heart is filled with love.

You could help provide the urgent veterinary treatment an animal like Lucy needs to have a happy, healthy future after suffering unimaginable cruelty and neglect. Please give generously today.

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