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Workplace Giving

Give directly through your payroll system!

One of the most effective ways businesses can support the causes their employees care about is through Workplace Giving. Companies and employees can work together to fight animal cruelty. And every donation you make, no matter how small or large, will mean the world to animals in need! 

Workplace Giving to RSPCA NSW is easy to set up to allow employees to make pre-tax donations through the company’s payroll system.

Disclaimer: *Figures in video are based on a gross annual salary of $50,000 as at October 1, 2014.

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Workplace Giving can help your business to:

  • Be seen as socially responsible and engaged in the community
  • Create a positive workplace culture and attract talent as a workplace of choice
  • Offer your employees an easy way to support animals in need and enjoy immediate tax benefits
  • Align with a trusted brand and cause providing lifesaving impact 
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Company matching

Your company could even choose to match employee donations. Not only would you double the number of animals impacted, but your business would also receive tax benefits. Matching your staff donations is the purrfect way to take the lead and encourage employees to take part in Workplace Giving.

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Get your business started with Workplace Giving through Good2Give

Good2Give is a charitable giving platform that helps businesses to set up a Workplace Giving program and will manage the administration of donations. Once your company is registered with Good2Give, your employees can select to support RSPCA NSW.

If you are an employer interested in finding out more about getting your company involved in Workplace Giving to RSPCA NSW, please fill out the form below.

Benefits for Employees

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Workplace Giving can help you and your workmates to:

  • Sign up to easy, ongoing giving directly through your company’s payroll system with no need for receipts at tax time
  • Receive immediate tax benefits by reducing your taxable income (as donations are deducted from your pre-tax salary)
  • Make a lasting difference for vulnerable animals in the most cost-effective way for RSPCA NSW

Your gift to RSPCA NSW could even be matched dollar for dollar by your employer!

Many businesses have matching gift programs for their employees. To find out if your company can match your gifts, please contact your payroll officer directly.  

If your company already has a Workplace Giving program, you can sign up to support RSPCA NSW in four easy steps:


Ask your employer about joining their Workplace Giving program.


Nominate RSPCA NSW as your chosen charity.


Select the amount and the frequency that you would like to donate.


Let RSPCA NSW know by emailing wpg@rspcansw.org.au so we can send you a Workplace Giving welcome pack.

Or, if you’re an employee interested in speaking to us about Workplace Giving, please fill out the form below.

Please contact us to find out how you and your workmates can join Workplace Giving!

Frequently Asked Questions

The size of the group will vary depending on the location. The Sydney and Hunter shelters can take groups of up to ten people, and the Illawarra shelter can take groups of six people. If you have a larger size team, you can book multiple dates.

The program includes a variety of different activities that will allow your team to interact and engage with shelter animals.

Our Corporate Support Days and animal shelters operate in rain, hail or shine. The weather will determine which activities can happen on the day.

The Corporate Support Day Program is specially designed just for corporate teams. All participants must be aged 18+ to attend and be an employee of the company. RSPCA have several other programs specifically designed for children which you can find out more about here.

Corporate Support Days take considerable time to organise and deliver. The fee assists with the purchase of materials and equipment for activities, plus allows us to allocate at least three staff members to facilitate each group.

Corporate Support Days with RSPCA NSW are very popular and booked well in advance. Your company will need to pay the fee to secure the booking.

All Corporate Support Day participants should have respect and a willingness to work with animals. Please do consider carefully if an animal shelter is the best place for you if you have a fear of animals or allergies.