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Program Sponsorship

Choose to support the program that means the most to your company.

The ‘P’ in RSPCA stands for Prevention. That’s why our teams work hard every day to keep animals in the community safe and healthy. We have a wide range of programs, each with a unique focus, and all our services are offered to pet owners free of charge. 

Your business can give back to both animals and people in need by sponsoring an RSPCA NSW program.

RSPCA NSW community programs to support pet owners experiencing hardship include:

CAWS (Community Animal Welfare Scheme) – Targeted subsidised desexing, vaccination, and microchipping program

Community Aged Care

Community Homelessness

Community Domestic Violence

HEART (Human’s Enriching Animals for the Rehabilitation of Trauma) – Animal education for newly arrived refugee and migrant communities

ICCAHP (Indigenous Community Companion Animal Health Program)

Petspace – Mental health program

Safe Families – Addressing domestic violence in pet households

Vaccination Days and Healthy Pet Days

Youth off the Streets – Animal education for disengaged young people

RSPCA NSW is seeking philanthropic companies to come on board as official program sponsors and help people and their pets in the community.

Email us at corporates@rspcansw.org.au to chat with our friendly partnerships team about how your business can get involved with program sponsorship. Or visit our programs page to find out more.

Frequently Asked Questions

The size of the group will vary depending on the location. The Sydney and Hunter shelters can take groups of up to ten people, and the Illawarra shelter can take groups of six people. If you have a larger size team, you can book multiple dates.

The program includes a variety of different activities that will allow your team to interact and engage with shelter animals.

Our Corporate Support Days and animal shelters operate in rain, hail or shine. The weather will determine which activities can happen on the day.

The Corporate Support Day Program is specially designed just for corporate teams. All participants must be aged 18+ to attend and be an employee of the company. RSPCA have several other programs specifically designed for children which you can find out more about here.

Corporate Support Days take considerable time to organise and deliver. The fee assists with the purchase of materials and equipment for activities, plus allows us to allocate at least three staff members to facilitate each group.

Corporate Support Days with RSPCA NSW are very popular and booked well in advance. Your company will need to pay the fee to secure the booking.

All Corporate Support Day participants should have respect and a willingness to work with animals. Please do consider carefully if an animal shelter is the best place for you if you have a fear of animals or allergies.