Make a lifesaving difference to animals in need by leaving a gift in your Will.

Leave a Gift in your Will

Leaving a gift in your Will ensures there will always be a safe haven at RSPCA NSW for animals in need.

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Rebecca Crompton

Gifts in Wills Administrator

Having always had animals as a part of my family, as well as being the adoptive mum of a rescue dog and cat, I know how much love and happiness they bring. That’s why I’m so passionate about assisting people who help animals in the most powerful way – leaving a gift in their will. Every day at RSPCA NSW, I see how these transformative gifts ensure that the animals we love so much will always be cared for.

Tel: (02) 9782 4484

Helen Trussler

Gifts in Wills Manager

Having owned animals for most of my life, I know firsthand the enormous impact they can have on peoples’ lives. I strongly believe in the saying “animals may not be our whole lives, but they make our lives whole”, and know that I would be lost without them in my life. The role RSPCA NSW plays in educating about responsible pet ownership is so important, and I want to do as much as I can to help this education continue.

Tel: (02) 9782 4470

Leave a Gift in your Will FAQs

No, you can make a bequest without specifying how you would like it to be used. This means that RSPCA NSW will be able to use your generous gift to assist with the greatest need at that time.

If you are interested in designating your gift to a specific facility, program or region, please contact RSPCA NSW’s Gifts in Wills team on (02) 9782 4484 or at to discuss your preferences. This ensures that we will be able to apply your gift according to your wishes.

Leaving a gift in your Will to RSPCA NSW is one of the most thoughtful ways to support the protection of animals for generations to come. Your gift shows forethought, planning and dedication to the cause.

If you’ve already pledged a gift to RSPCA NSW, or are considering doing so, it is your decision whether you would like to share your intentions with us. If you are comfortable in doing so, please do let us know. This helps us to properly prepare to receive your gift, and to plan for the future. It also gives RSPCA NSW the chance to thank you for your thoughtful gift. We’d love the opportunity to express our appreciation, record your planned gift, keep you up to date with news and stories from RSPCA NSW, and involve you and your family in relevant special events throughout the year.

If you do wish to notify RSPCA NSW of your intention to leave a gift to animals in need, please fill out our simple form below or contact RSPCA NSW’s Gifts in Wills team on (02) 9782 4484 or at

RSPCA NSW recommends using a practicing solicitor or trust company to help ensure your Will is legally correct and that your wishes will be followed accurately.

Please send the cheque, a photocopy of the Will and a covering letter to:

RSPCA NSW Bequest Department
PO Box 34
Yagoona, NSW, 2199

If you’d like to contact our Gifts in Wills Administrator, Rebecca Crompton, please call (02) 9782 4484 or email She would be more than happy to discuss processes, legal or financial obligations, or any other concerns or questions you may have.

Without a Will, decisions about your estate will be made according to the law. This means some or all of the people or causes you care about may not be included in the distribution of your assets.

Having an up-to-date Will means there is no uncertainty about what will happen to your estate, as it puts you in control of your affairs.

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