Lady was running out of time...

Lady – a sweet, affectionate miniature Bull Terrier – was found with a shocking injury. She was filthy, emaciated and – worst of all – part of her back leg was missing and the wound was fresh.

A wire, used to tether her, appeared to have tangled around her leg and cut off circulation. Over the course of several days, we believe that her struggle to free herself and escape the pain must have caused the wire to become tighter and tighter until it cut through her skin, her muscle, and finally – appallingly – her bone.

Lady must have been in the most severe pain imaginable.

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And she was all alone in the backyard. She must have felt like help would never come. Will you give a kind gift to help make sure animals like Lady can be rescued and brought to safety before it’s too late?

She was dangerously anaemic and it took ten days of care before she was even strong enough for our vets to operate on what remained of her leg. Lady would have died if she hadn’t been rescued in time.

Please give generously today to help save innocent animals who are in urgent need of rescue. They’re desperate for someone to care.

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