Port Macquarie Shelter Announcement

On Monday 2April, our RSPCA NSW Port Macquarie Shelter closed to the public indefinitely. While there will no longer be a physical shelter location at Port Macquarie, we have big plans to ensure we continue to grow and support companion animals and people within the community through our proactive work. 

You will hear more about our pop-up adoptions, education programs, foster care network support, and community outreach days in the upcoming months. 

RSPCA NSW did not renew our animal management contract with the local council at the end of last year. The Port Macquarie-Hastings Council operates the Port Macquarie Animal Shelter. This facility is well-resourced to support companion animals in the Port Macquarie region that are stray, which means that we are able to step up and help where it is now needed most in the region. We are placing ourselves in a position where we can support, empower and educate the community within its new animal welfare infrastructure. Improving animal welfare is a joint responsibility between the community and council and we hope our close working relationships with both will continue through our proactive initiatives. 

We are incredibly fortunate to have an exceptional Port Macquarie Branch who will continue to help people help animals. They have done so much to champion our core values foalmost 20 years, and we cannot emphasise enough how grateful we are to have such a team. It is through passion and dedication that they have established a wonderful, strong presence in the community to support our animal welfare work. This presence, along with our thriving foster care network, will be the backbone of our efforts to promote responsible pet ownership in the region. Our Port Macquarie Op Shop will remain open and their hours unaffected. Most importantly, funds raised from the proceeds of the property sale will stay within the community. 

This is a big move for us as an organisation, and the decision was not made lightly, but we believe it is a step in the right direction. We want to thank each and every person who has supported the shelter, including the Port Macquarie Branch, our foster network, our dedicated staff and volunteers and you, our supporters, whose donations have helped to keep the shelter doors open over the years. 

We strive to keep you informed about what’s happening in our organisation. Please visit our website for more information and updates and contact us if you have any questions or concerns. 

We have plans to ensure that we can reach more and more communities that do not have a physical shelter location and we ask for your patience and understanding as we move into what we hope is an extraordinary year.