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Stories Behind The Scars

Stories Behind the Scars shines a spotlight on the inherent humanity behind working in animal welfare.

From rescuing a puppy in a suitcase, to castrating a camel in the outback, to helping a little boy overcome his fear of dogs – RSPCA NSW is opening the vault and sharing unforgettable moments to commemorate their 150th anniversary.

Equal parts heart-warming and heart-wrenching, the series offers a window into the lives of the unsung heroes – the inspectors, the veterinary staff, and the community outreach team – who make RSPCA NSW’s mission a reality every day. It is a glimpse into the spirit that drives what is truly a labour of love for all animals great and small.

Stories Behind The Scars deep dives into different facets of RSPCA NSW starting with The Inspectorate in episode one, the Veterinarians in episode two and the Community Team in episode three.


RSPCA NSW wanted to shoot ‘Stories Behind The Scars’ to offer a first-hand  insight into the lives of the people who make RSPCA NSW’s mission a reality. The series shines the spotlight on the inherent humanity behind working in animal welfare. ‘Stories Behind The Scars’ also offers a rare opportunity to understand and unpack misconceptions about the work done by RSPCA NSW by showcasing the breadth and depth of what RSPCA NSW does. The series shows that the organisation is so much more than a shelter – it tackles animal welfare issues across all areas of society.

RSPCA NSW is committed to the health and wellbeing of all our staff, and this includes supporting their emotional and mental health and wellbeing. Working in animal welfare can be distressing, not just for those who work on the front line, but for everyone in the organisation who is touched by the stories of the animals that enter into care. Every staff member and their immediate families have access to a confidential Employee Assistance Program (EAP). The program offers free confidential counselling and related services, via phone, video call or face-to-face at any time, to assist staff and their immediate families in resolving personal or work-related issues. Colleagues, team leaders and managers are reminded to check in on their staff, recommend them to the EAP, and communicate with one another frequently. Communication is ramped up during times that might be particularly challenging, such as COVID-related social isolation periods. RSPCA NSW also offers compassionate leave for pet sickness and bereavement.
comradery amongst the colleagues, team leaders and senior management.

There are many roles at RSPCA NSW that are not covered in the series, this is just a snapshot of what RSPCA NSW does. We chose to focus on some of the more misunderstood or lesser known facets of RSPCA NSW for ‘Stories Behind The Scars’. While most people are familiar with RSPCA NSW’s shelter staff, vet staff and uniformed inspectors, there is actually a wide range of roles available at RSPCA NSW. For example, there are staff working in communications, fundraising, education, animal emergency transport, management and administration. There are also volunteer roles in these areas in and in foster care. Many employees began as volunteers, and many volunteers are as familiar as family members.