Birds require time and effort, but probably not as much as you think. Pet birds make excellent companion animals, but must be properly cared for, and provided with an interesting and spacious environment.

Try these tips

Make sure your bird is stimulated

Birds are largely independent animals -- requiring exercise and mental stimulation. Make sure the cage is large enough for it to fly around and include perches. Something as simple as talking to your bird as you come and go can be helpful. You should position the cage so at least one of your bird’s perches is at your shoulder height. This will give your bird a sense of security, as most bird species like to be up high. You can also buy and make a number of interactive bird enrichment toys.

Adopt another feathery friend

Birds don`t require as much time as other animals. They don`t need to be taken on walks, or groomed regularly. They are very social though, so if you don`t have a lot of time for human contact, find a cage mate for your feathered friend.


Can you spare ten minutes twice a week?

Aim to clean the cage twice weekly. This includes a wipe down, tray removal, new food and water and and clean bath water. Waiting for washing? Or dinner to cook? This doesn`t take as long as you think.

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