Keeping a pet while renting can be difficult. Very few leasors specifically state that they allow pets, however, you might find they’re open to negotiate.

Try these tips

Don`t rely on rental ads

Often landlords will consider pets if you approach them directly. Real estate agents are often willing to help too.

Prepare a pet CV

Prepare a pet CV including a record of your pet`s medical history, training certificates and references from neighbours or previous landlords.


Introduce your pet to the owner or landlord

Offer to sign an agreement or pay a deposit. Encourage the owner or landlord to meet your well-behaved, well-groomed flea-free pet.

Don`t forget friends and family

If it`s impossible to keep your pet with you, is there somewhere else they can stay? With a family member or a friend? Your pet may not be able to live with you right now, but that`s not to say that the current situation is permanent.

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