Dogs take time and effort to look after, but not as much as the rest of the family. At a minimum, dogs need exercise, food, water and time for socialisation, cuddles and play. Luckily, there are lots of ways to fit these things into your life.

Try these tips

Have someone walk your dog

There are a number of dog walkers you can choose from on reputable sites. Be sure to read their profiles and reviews before agreeing to leave your pet with someone.

Add your pet into your daily routine

If you don`t have time when you get home, try working your pooch into your daily routine. Have breakfast with your dog, put on your makeup or shave with your dog, run around and have your dog fetch your shoes and other important items. Dont forget to include the walk to school or the shops can be a great outing for your dog as well. Make them part of your lifestyle.

Keep your dog stimulated

Dogs benefit from environmental enrichment. Purchasing new toys to keep your furry friend stimulated while you`re not at home will make a difference to their everyday life. There are also a number of DIY ways you can enrich your pets at home, simply Google `dog enrichment DIY` and you will be amazed at how many ideas are out there! Even the humble milk bottle can keep your pooch amused for hours


Consider getting your pet a friend

If you have only one dog, he may benefit from a friend to keep him company. It can be okay to be away from home during the day if your dog copes well, but if your pooch is not coping, chat to your local vet about whether a second fur-friend may make your dog feel better being home alone. You could even try taking it in turns with your friends` dogs to begin with (as long as they all know each other well and are supervised).


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