Moving to a new home can be stressful – especially if you’re not sure if your pet will fit in the new abode. But it’s worth looking at why you think this is so. Is there not enough room at your new place? Are you worried the new environment will be too much of an adjustment? Or are you moving to a rental property that doesn’t allow for pets? Have a look below for some solutions to your conundrum.

Try these tips

Take them out for extra exercise

You’d be surprised by how achievable it is to keep dogs in smaller living spaces like apartments. In fact, with the right preparation and routine, most breeds can adjust to this lifestyle change. Schedule more exercise time for your pets in your day-to-day to ensure they get plenty of enrichment and time outside. Additionally, you could ask friends or family with backyards if you can drop them off a few days a week on the way to work.

Pet travel services

If you’re moving cross-country or overseas, consider engaging pet travel services. JetPets is a reputable pet transport company and will deliver your pet safely and securely to your new home.


Speak to your landlord

Don’t rely on the listing! Speak to your landlord or real estate person to negotiate whether or not you can have your pet in your new home.


Speak to a veterinarian or behaviourist

If a potential behavioural problem arises, speak to your veterinarian or a behaviourist about how to manage these problems.

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