Did you know that teaching an old dog new tricks is possible? It can sometimes even be easier than training a puppy. It is never too late to begin a training program with your dog. Don’t forget that training is a whole family exercise so everyone needs to be on board.

Try these tips

Speak with a trainer

Speak to your local vet, behaviour trainer or dog training school. Chat about the main issues you`re having with your dog and your trainer can work with you to achieve your goals. RSPCA NSW recommends that any behaviour specialist you consult should practise positive reinforcement training techniques as the basis of training. This simply means rewarding `good` behaviour and avoiding reinforcing `unwanted` behaviour.

Exercise your dog

Increase your dog`s daily exercise to help calm and reduce excessive energy.

Be patient

Be patient and consistent. Reward good behaviour and try not to reinforce unwanted behaviours.

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