Not desexing your animals can be a serious problem. RSPCA NSW advocates desexing all dogs and puppies. You have a range of options to help you and your pooch stay together.

Try these tips

Desex your pet

Undesexed cats are a huge problem across the state and lead to thousands of unwanted litters each year. This is largely due to stray cats, feral cats and cats that are owned but roam. The National Desexing Network can help you find local vets in your area offering services at discounted prices.


Benefits of desexing

Having your dog desexed has other benefits too. It can often help with behavioural issues such as barking, marking, running away, humping and aggression. Chat to your local veterinarian about how desexing may benefit your dog.


Speak to RSPCA NSW

We have a range of programs available to people experiencing hardship. We offer a number of discounted desexing opportunities to pensioners through our veterinary hospitals and outreach programs.


Don`t forget friends and family

Contact your friends and relatives. Encourage them to see the new pups and ask whether they can take one in. Remember, in NSW, before handling over a dog or puppy to someone, ensure the process is done legally. It is an offence in NSW to sell or give away an animal that is less than eight weeks of age and all animals must be microchipped prior to be rehomed. This is only a short term solution and desexing really is the only way to prevent this in the future. FIND OUT MORE

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