Cats take time and effort to look after, but probably not as much as you think. Cats are highly independent creatures. Giving them their basics of food, water and litter, plus enrichment can be enough to keep them happy.

Try these tips

Take them for a walk

We know this sounds a little out of the box, but did you know you can train your cat to walk on a harness? This is a great way to give your cat some outdoor time without the risks associated with free range roaming outdoors. It doesn`t have to be far and most cats would be thrilled for a wander around the front or backyard with you.

Keep your cat stimulated

Cats benefit from environmental enrichment. Purchasing new toys to keep your furry friend stimulated while you`re not at home will make a difference to their everyday life. There are also a number of DIY ways you can enrich your pets at home, simply Google `cat enrichment DIY` and you will be amazed at how many ideas are out there!


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