Rabbits require time and effort, but probably not as much as you think. Try these things to make a little more time for your bunny.

Try these tips

Got cardboard or newspaper?

Your rabbit requires out of cage time. Set up an area they can roam around in while you`re away. It can be as simple as cardboard boxes, tubes and newspaper for them to run around in and rumage through.

Find some cage mates

Rabbits do well with cage mates. If you don`t have time to give them extended human contact, ensure they have a buddy to play with as they are social animals. Make sure they are of the same sex or desexed to avoid unwanted litters.


Waiting on your morning coffee?

Changing a rabbits bedding and flooring doesn`t require a lot of time, they just require it regularly. Try to find a regular spot in your daily schedule for it and it`ll become an effortless habit. Enjoy a morning tea or coffee? Change the bedding each day and cut up some healthy vegetable snacks as you wait for the kettle to boil.

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