Ingleburn man found guilty of failing to provide veterinary treatment to dogs suffering fight wounds

A 52-year-old Ingleburn man was sentenced at Campbelltown Local Court on 6 February 2023, for one offence of failing to provide veterinary treatment to his two injured pet dogs, who were severely wounded from fighting each other.  

In August 2021, NSW Police officers attended the defendant’s property in response to a report of several dogs fighting with each other in the backyard. Upon arrival, the officers discovered four Staffordshire Bull Terriers. Two of the dogs had significant fight wounds, requiring urgent veterinary treatment.  

With advice from an RSPCA NSW inspector over the phone, police seized the two dogs that were seriously injured. The remaining two dogs were picked up from the property by the local council. 

The two injured dogs received extensive veterinary treatment over several days at a Sydney emergency clinic before being released to their owner, strictly on the condition that he present them to another clinic for ongoing care within 24-48 hours.  

The owner failed to pay for the substantial treatment provided and did not present either dog to any other veterinary hospital, prompting an investigation from RSPCA NSW. 

 Later that week, RSPCA NSW inspectors located both injured dogs at the defendant’s property, where further instructions were provided to the owner to present his dogs to a veterinary hospital within 48 hours for treatment.  

 Upon failing to follow the directions of inspectors, a search warrant was executed. A locksmith helped gain entry inside the property, which contained the two dogs that had significant lacerations on the front of their bodies.  

The dogs were seized and transported to RSPCA NSW Veterinary Hospital at Yagoona for assessment, pain relief, and treatment. Extensive work was undertaken to clean and repair several large wounds on both animals.  

 “The drawn-out pain and suffering that these dogs were forced to endure is reprehensible, and it is extremely lucky that they were able to survive this horrific ordeal,” said RSPCA NSW Chief Inspector, Scott Meyers.  

 “This type of negligence and cruelty will not be tolerated, on any level.”  

The defendant was fined $1,500 and prohibited from purchasing, acquiring, or taking possession of any animal for a period of five years. The man was further ordered to dispose of any animals currently in his care within 28 days and ordered to pay the costs incurred by RSPCA NSW for the provision of veterinary treatment and shelter, totaling $26,515.77.


GRAPHIC IMAGES WARNING: Images are available for download here.

All charges brought under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act.