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If your pet was sick, we know you would move mountains to get them the help they needed. But what if you couldn’t? If you had fallen on hard times, or were in crisis?


These last two years, more than ever, have proven how irreplaceable the love of an animal can be, and how that companionship can mean the world to people – including people who could be fleeing domestic violence, have been suffering from a medical condition themselves, or experience another unforeseeable and unfortunate event. 

You will hear Dr Ann-Margret Withers talk about our Community Clinic, an innovative approach to protecting the human-animal bond. 

Dr Ann-Margret is a longstanding veterinarian with RSPCA NSW. For over 20 years, Ann-Margret has dedicated her veterinary expertise to caring for and protecting thousands of animals across the state. She has been significantly involved in outreach programs with disadvantaged, rural and Aboriginal communities in NSW.  

Programs like this provide pet owners access to core veterinary services and education on responsible pet ownership. Now, Ann-Margret is focused on extending this work by introducing the new RSPCA NSW Community Clinic. 

You can help us raise critical funds to prevent animal suffering before it occurs. 

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