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Support RSPCA NSW’s Intensive Breeding Taskforce

Countless dogs are bred and kept in cruel and inhumane conditions – all for the profit of some unscrupulous breeders. 


You will hear from Scott Meyers, Chief Inspector, about RSPCA NSW’s Intensive Breeding Taskforce. This group of inspectors are dedicated to rescuing animals and investigating large scale breeding facilities, commonly known as puppy factories, and are determined to find those who put money above the welfare of animals.  

Every year the taskforce will identify breeders and conduct more than 500 inspections, ensuring the welfare of 9,000 dogs. 

Scott has a long history with RSPCA NSW. Having held various roles across the organisation including animal attendant, shelter supervisor, Inspectorate team leader, and deputy chief inspector, he became Chief Inspector just over four years ago.   

During his time, Scott has investigated more than 4,500 animal cruelty complaints and prosecuted countless large and often complex matters, including Intensive Breeding facilities. 

Raise critical funds to stop puppy factory cruelty. No animal should suffer for profit. 

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