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Help save more lives through improved animal rehoming options

New legislation passed in February 2022 is now holding council pounds accountable for rehoming animals.


The Companion Animals Amendment (Rehoming Animals) Bill 2021 mandates Pounds to contact rescue organisations like RSPCA NSW, to rehome the animals who can longer stay in council care. This ensures these animals have every chance to be adopted and find the new and loving homes they deserve.

You will hear from Michael Stoddart, Head of Animal Operations, as RSPCA NSW braces for a huge influx in annual animal numbers. As Australia’s most established animal welfare organisation, RSPCA already manages thousands of animals in need of care, rehabilitation and rehoming every year. However, with the recent passing of a new Rehoming Animals bill in Parliament, those numbers are set to hugely increase.

Michael has been with RSPCA NSW for almost two years and leads a team of approximately 500 shelter and clinic staff across the state – ensuring the care and welfare of all our animals. His role sees him manage the Logistics, Foster Care and Customer Service teams as well. To put that into perspective, last week they cared for and managed 1,832 animals right across NSW.

Your support will be helping to save these animals whose future would otherwise be a lot less certain.

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