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Updates ƒ Make your pledge web banner

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Uncovering unscrupulous breeders

Countless dogs are bred and kept in cruel and inhumane conditions – all for the profit of some unscrupulous breeders.

Support RSPCA NSW’s Intensive Breeding Taskforce – a group of inspectors dedicated to rescuing animals and investigating large scale breeding facilities to find those who put money above the welfare of animals. Every year the taskforce will identify breeders and conduct more than 500 inspections of 9,000 dogs.

No animal should suffer for profit.

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Opening a Community Clinic

Every year, hundreds of pets visit our hospital, most requiring emergency attention. At our hospitals, expert veterinarians and nurses are committed to providing the highest level of care.

But that comes at a cost. A cost that some people cannot cover. And it is not their fault – they could be fleeing domestic violence, have been suffering from a medical condition themselves, or experience another unforeseeable and unfortunate event.

If your pet was sick, you would move mountains to get them the help they need. But what if you couldn’t? Does that mean you should no longer be able to have and love a pet?


Saving more lives through improved animal rehoming options

New legislation passed in February 2022 is now holding council pounds accountable for rehoming animals. The Companion Animals Amendment (Rehoming Animals) Bill 2021 mandates pounds to contact rescue organisations like RSPCA NSW, to rehome the animals who can no longer stay in their care. This ensures these animals have every chance to be adopted and find the new and loving homes they deserve.

Help RSPCA NSW by funding the supplies, equipment, staff, and transport required to provide for this new and dramatic increased number of animals who will require our care.

Your support will be helping to save these animals whose future would otherwise be a lot less certain.