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Tax Appeal 2017

When Athena was rescued by RSPCA NSW, she was dying of starvation

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Winter Warmer

Wrap an animal in kindness this winter.

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Thanks to our latest supporters

Betty from Campbelltown ensured her Legacy will help animals across the state, by including RSPCA NSW in her Will.

Refrigeration Consulting Services were our top Million Paws Walk Corporate fundraising team! Incredible job, thank you!

A huge thanks to Lara and Gail for organising a blanket donation drive in the Hunter region and raising awarness for RSPCA NSW.

Thanks to Highway Ford/Hyundai Maitland for raising over $94,000 for RSPCA NSW since 2007. Just amazing!

Lauren adopted the Nevada from our Port Macquarie Shelter. Nevada had been living with over 163 cats before she arrived at the RSPCA.

Helen from Toukley donated $15 to help support the RSPCA NSW care for homeless animals.

NRMA Motoring and Services supports our state wide Drives for Lives vehicle.

Tatiana recently raised $567 for RSPCA NSW! Tatiana asked her friends and family for donations instead of gifts for her 85th birthday.


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Dogs barking – tips and advice

Barking is a normal instinct for dogs and a natural way for them to communicate. Dogs can bark excessively for many reasons, including anxiety, boredom, distress, excitement, fear and in defence of their territory. That means there’s no single... READ MORE

Corporates in April 2017

A Corporate Support Day with RSPCA NSW are amazing interactive experiences. Teams help out at the shelter and spend special time with the animals. It’s a great way for teams to bond while caring for animals in need. In April, staff from... READ MORE

Australia’s biggest dog day out!

Have you heard? On 21 May 2017, Million Paws Walk will gather all dog lovers to make a stand for animals in need! Regular walk routes will be transformed into a celebration of man’s best friend and people like you will become the voice for... READ MORE

Lest We Forget

Anzac Day is a day of national remembrance honouring those who served and gave their lives during times of conflict, peacekeeping operations and war. 25 April is also an opportunity to remember the loyalty and sacrifice of the service animals... READ MORE

How to help Aussie wildlife, the right way

Not to toot our own horn, but Australia is home to many animals found nowhere else on Earth. So it’s safe to say that Australian native animals are diverse, unique and should be protected at all costs. READ MORE

The RSPCA in your community

Behind every animal’s story is a human one. READ MORE

Easter Trading Hours 2017

RSPCA NSW wishes you all a happy and safe Easter. We hope this long weekend is full of fond memories, delicious food and cuddles with furry friends! Read on to find out more about our trading hours this weekend. READ MORE

Corporates and RSPCA NSW

A Corporate Support Day with RSPCA NSW is an amazing opportunity for team building and unique experiences. Teams help out on shelter grounds and socialise with the animals. It’s a practical way to learn, grow and help fight animal cruelty. This... READ MORE

CAWS for all paws

Most of us have a pet that we love as part of the family. If you don’t, you probably know someone who does. Australians love their animals and, unsurprisingly, overpopulation of companion animals is very common in NSW, particularly in regional... READ MORE

Reporting Animal Cruelty at RSPCA NSW

RSPCA NSW has Australia’s biggest squad of law enforcement officers dedicated to policing offences against animals. Our Inspectors investigate more than 15,000 complaints every year. RSPCA NSW inspectors investigate complaints against all... READ MORE

Pawfessionals Making Change - February Corporate Support Days 2017

Corporate Support Days with RSPCA NSW are an amazing opportunity for team building and learning. Through an interactive experience, teams are able to help with the maintenance of the shelter and socialising with the animals. It’s a practical... READ MORE

How To Care For Your Ferret

Ferrets are members of the weasel family, and their mischievous personalities make them amusing and interesting pets. So what’s the best way of looking after these inquisitive and intelligent animals?   READ MORE

Panleukopenia in Sydney

 Sydney has recently experienced an increase in cases of feline panleukopenia virus. RSPCA NSW understands that cat owners can be worried and stressed. We know that pets are family and they should be protected at all costs. We have provided... READ MORE

Your pet in all seasons

Weather in NSW is far from mild. From one extreme to the other, it's important to prepare for the worst and make sure your pet is ready for any weather situation. Read on to learn all about your pet and floods, heat and storms. READ MORE

Keep Your Pets Safe this Public Holiday

This Australia Day, all RSPCA NSW shelters and facilities will be closed. However, our call centre is open every day for emergencies and animal cruelty reports and can be reached on (02) 9770 7555. READ MORE

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