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This handsome boy is Bluey. Bluey is a gorgeous two year old who loves to have fun and play with his human and doggy friends! READ MORE

Breed: Greyhound
Sex: Male
Age: 2 Years
Location: Sydney
Animal ID: 340091

Jasper, the most handsome white rabbit you have ever seen! This little dude is looking for his forever hutch. READ MORE

Breed: Rabbit
Sex: Male
Age: N/A
Location: Armidale
Animal ID: 342007


Jacinta is a gorgeous, grey girl who loves to lounge around all day. Her long legs are always splayed out, helping her create the perfect catnap position. READ MORE

Breed: Short Hair
Sex: Female
Age: 2 Years
Location: Blue Mountains
Animal ID: 340315

This little legend, Lucky, is on the hunt for a new home! He loves to chase balls, meet new people and enjoys showing off when he's wearing his handsome bandana. READ MORE

Breed: Staffy crossbreed
Sex: Male
Age: 2 Years
Location: Blue Mountains
Animal ID: 349253

Little Moo Moo enjoys playing and cuddling up to everyone, espcially children. Once you meet this affectionate little kitty, you won't be able to say no to her stunning green eyes. READ MORE

Breed: Medium Hair
Sex: Female
Age: 4 Years
Location: Blue Mountains
Animal ID: 350877


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Thanks to our latest supporters

Amanda and Judy are raising funds for the RSPCA NSW Sumatra Charity Trek.

Wattle Grove Public School held a bake sale and raised over $400.

Volunteer Photographers Stacey and Kylie have been helping out our Hunter Shelter animals.

Michelle the Volunteer Photographer at the Sydney Shelter has been taking gorgeous photos of adoption animals.

Grant adopted Aby who had been at our Sydney Shelter for over 250 days.

Nadia from Rosebay just became a Guardian Angel for a shelter animal.

NRMA Motoring and Services supports our state wide Drives for Lives vehicle.

Evan from Hunters Hill donated $1,000 towards RSPCA Guardian Angel.


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Corporate Support Days for 2016 Begin

RSPCA NSW is a popular choice for companies and their staff to participate in corporate volunteering. Because of this, we offer a Corporate Support Day program, specially tailored to encourage team building and to inform participants about... READ MORE

Paving The Way To A Brighter Future

The brand new Sydney Veterinary Hospital officially opened its doors in December. With more than 52,000 consultations and 11,000 surgeries every year, it will play a vital role in caring for animals in the community, from abandoned shelter... READ MORE

Leave a lasting message of love

Will you leave a lasting legacy of love to remember your precious pet or acknowledge a cause close to your heart? READ MORE

Fee-Free Feline Adoptions For Two Weeks!

More than 130 felines hope to find their forever families as the RSPCA Sydney Shelter in Yagoona and RSPCA Care Centre Rouse Hill waives feline adoption fees for the next two weeks. READ MORE

Partnerships are Key in Helping More Animals Find Forever Homes

As shelters fill up fast in the warmer months, the RSPCA relies more than ever on the assistance of animal rescue groups. RSPCA NSW currently partners with 44 wonderful rescue groups across the state. Their work and support is vital in rehoming... READ MORE

Animania: Your ultimate guide to animal care

Whether you’re hitting the beach or taking shelter from summer storms, you’ll want to grab a copy of the latest Animania magazine to keep the kids (or yourself!) out of mischief. READ MORE

Take Pride in an All-Australian Dog

There’s nothing us Aussies love more than celebrating the joys of being Australian. And this Australia Day, why not celebrate with something… or rather someone… you can be proud of all year round? We’re talking your very own Australian... READ MORE

Appeal for information: Australian native animals shot with arrow

RSPCA NSW are investigating three recent incidents involving native wildlife being shot with arrows in the Wyee Point area, in the state’s Central Coast region. Warning: This post contains graphic images which some people may find... READ MORE

Keep Your Australia Day Celebrations Pet Friendly

Our national day of pride is a fantastic chance to celebrate all things Australian. But some of our greatest traditions, including backyard parties, barbeques, fireworks and road trips, can be dangerous and stressful for pets. Read on for RSPCA... READ MORE

Majestic Galaxy Finds His Forever Home

You might remember Galaxy, a fantastic horse with a very sad story. But RSPCA NSW is pleased to announce that Galaxy has found his forever home, where he’ll live with his five new brothers and sisters. READ MORE

Savvy Fitness Box, Lift And Run To Help Animals In Need

RSPCA NSW would like to thank all the wonderful fundraisers, sponsors and staff from Savvy Fitness. Their hard work and extraordinary generosity has been an incredible help to animals in the Wollongong community and across the state. READ MORE

Should I Get A Pet?

A pet can bring incredible happiness and be a wonderful addition to a home. While caring for one requires energy, interest, money and time, if you’re ready to make the commitment, you’ll receive joy and unconditional love! READ MORE

Kick Off The New Year By Getting Fit With Your Dog

If your waistline is feeling the effects of the festive season, rather than hitting the gym, grab your four-legged best friend and head outside! Getting fit is great for both you and your dog, and you’re sure to have a lot of fun in the process. READ MORE

Cat-Choose A Cat-Choo Cat

It’s not just us humans who get the sniffles: cats can get them too! The snuffles, or cat flu, is just as common as the cold, and has very similar symptoms. Sadly, many wonderful kitties – who just happen to have cat flu – find it much... READ MORE

December Corporate Supporters

RSPCA NSW is a popular choice for companies and their staff to participate in corporate volunteering. Because of this, we offer a Corporate Support Day program, specially tailored to encourage team building and to inform participants about... READ MORE

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