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Thanks to our latest supporters

Laura and Jeson helped bake cupcakes to sell at their local Bunnings and manned the stall for over 7 hours! 

Refrigeration Consulting Services were our top Million Paws Walk Corporate fundraising team! Incredible job, thank you!

A huge thanks to Tina who baked more than 600 cupcakes to sell for Cupcake Day with her Staffy, Ruby. The two raised an amazing $1124!

Thanks to Highway Ford/Hyundai Maitland for raising over $94,000 for RSPCA NSW since 2007. Just amazing!

Lauren adopted the Nevada from our Port Macquarie Shelter. Nevada had been living with over 163 cats before she arrived at the RSPCA.

Helen from Toukley donated $15 to help support the RSPCA NSW care for homeless animals.

NRMA Motoring and Services supports our state wide Drives for Lives vehicle.

Tatiana recently raised $567 for RSPCA NSW! Tatiana asked her friends and family for donations instead of gifts for her 85th birthday.


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Bakeries for Cupcake Day

For many homes, schools and offices, Monday 21 August 2017 was full of frosting, spinkles, spice and everything nice for RSPCA’s Cupcake Day. READ MORE

Corporates in July 2017

Corporate Support Days with RSPCA NSW are a unique experience, perfect for growing, learning and helping those who need it most. Teams help with the maintenance of the shelter and socialise with the animals. In July, staff from Canterbury Leagues... READ MORE

Corporates in June

Corporate Support Days with RSPCA NSW are a unique experience, perfect for growing, learning and helping those who need it most. Teams help with the maintenance of the shelter and socialise with the animals. In June, staff from Charter Hall,... READ MORE

Cat-choo kitties looking for homes

When a human gets the sniffles, we don’t think twice. But when a cat gets the sniffles, it could mean they spend months waiting for a forever home. We have affectionately named our cats with cat flu, cat-choo cats. We also use this name for... READ MORE

July is National Desexing Month

 Desexing is part of responsible pet ownership. Whether you have a cat, dog, ferret, guinea pig, rabbit or rat, there’s no better time to get your much-loved pet desexed. As well as preventing countless unwanted litters being born, your... READ MORE

RSPCA NSW and stray animals

Despite popular belief, most of our shelters are not meant to act as an impounding service. Our ten shelters across the state are meant to provide comfortable accommodation and the best possible care to surrendered, neglected, unwanted, sick or... READ MORE

Corporates in May 2017

A Corporate Support Day with RSPCA NSW are an interactive experience, perfect for team building and giving back to the community. Teams help with the maintenance of the shelter and socialise with the animals. In May, staff from NAB, CEB is now... READ MORE

Saving Athena

 RSPCA Inspector Dominguez is one of 12 RSPCA inspectors working in metropolitan Sydney. For three years, she has responded to reports of animal cruelty and removed them from dark situations. READ MORE

Backyard buddies

 You may not be in your backyard every day, but there are plenty of Australian wildlife that are! Some of your visitors will sneak in and out without your knowledge, but others might be a bit louder upon arrival. If you need to call someone... READ MORE


The RSPCA has launched the first-ever National Rescue Horse Day on 29 May to celebrate and raise awareness of the plight of the thousands of beautiful rescue horses around the country looking for their forever fields. READ MORE

Dogs barking – tips and advice

Barking is a normal instinct for dogs and a natural way for them to communicate. Dogs can bark excessively for many reasons, including anxiety, boredom, distress, excitement, fear and in defence of their territory. That means there’s no single... READ MORE

Corporates in April 2017

A Corporate Support Day with RSPCA NSW are amazing interactive experiences. Teams help out at the shelter and spend special time with the animals. It’s a great way for teams to bond while caring for animals in need. In April, staff from... READ MORE

Australia’s biggest dog day out!

Have you heard? On 21 May 2017, Million Paws Walk will gather all dog lovers to make a stand for animals in need! Regular walk routes will be transformed into a celebration of man’s best friend and people like you will become the voice for... READ MORE

Lest We Forget

Anzac Day is a day of national remembrance honouring those who served and gave their lives during times of conflict, peacekeeping operations and war. 25 April is also an opportunity to remember the loyalty and sacrifice of the service animals... READ MORE

How to help Aussie wildlife, the right way

Not to toot our own horn, but Australia is home to many animals found nowhere else on Earth. So it’s safe to say that Australian native animals are diverse, unique and should be protected at all costs. READ MORE

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