Keeping Cats Safe at Home

We love cats

At RSPCA NSW we love cats! And we believe every cat deserves a safe and permanent home, away from the elements, with a family who loves and cherishes them.


2 in 3 cat owners have lost a cat to a roaming-related accident; 1 in 3 to a car accident!


That is why we have created the Keeping Cats Safe at Home campaign to encourage those who have a cat in their lives to keep them safe from harm – At home.

We will be sharing insights and inspiration, advice and answers about cat safety and cat enrichment to effectively extend and enhance the lives of cats across New South Wales.

This campaign is all about loving cats, celebrating the people who love their cats and motivating cat lovers to keep their feline companions safe and fulfilled.

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Keeping Cats Safe at home Project FAQs

  • Keeping Cats Safe at Home a ground-breaking RSPCA NSW project running over four years
  • It will work with 11 councils across NSW to provide cat lovers with the inspiration, motivation and information needed to help their cats live long, healthy and enriched lives
  • Keeping Cats Safe at Home aims to encourage and support cat owners to prevent their cats from roaming away from their properties both to keep cats safe and to protect native wildlife.
  • The project will create tailored toolkits for 11 partner council areas across NSW as well as resources to equip cat lovers everywhere with the knowledge and skills to help their cats live their best life at home
  • Social science and ecology research will be undertaken to monitor the effectiveness of the campaign so we can apply what we learn in other locations in NSW and further afield
  1. Blue Mountains City Council
  2. Byron Shire Council
  3. Campbelltown City Council
  4. City of Parramatta
  5. Hornsby Shire Council
  6. Kyogle Council
  7. Northern Beaches Council
  8. Shoalhaven City Council
  9. Tweed Shire Council
  10. Walgett Shire Council
  11. Weddin Shire Council