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RSPCA NSW is a not-for-profit organisation in Australia that cares for, treats, protects and rehomes animals across the state. As a charity, we strive to maintain an open-door policy, so no abandoned, neglected, injured or surrendered animal is turned away or forgotten.  READ MORE

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Have your say about keeping pets in rental homes

Currently, landlords in NSW can refuse to allow a tenant to keep a pet without providing a reason unless it’s an assistance animal. With 70 percent of Australian households owning at least one pet, these current restrictions can present serious obstacles for renters and their companion animals, often resulting in traumatic and heartbreaking outcomes.

I found kittens! What should I do?

If you find kittens on the street, it is very normal to feel concerned and feel the need to rescue… Read more

Tis the Season… for Kittens!

Did you know… last year RSPCA NSW took in more than 13,000 homeless, sick, injured, or surrendered cats? About 2 in 3 of these were kittens. That’s almost 9,000 kittens! If you lined these kittens up head to tail (and could get them to stay still) the queue would stretch for about two kilometres.

RSPCA NSW welcomes amendments to the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act

RSPCA NSW welcomes amendments to the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act (POCTAA) which prevents people convicted of serious cruelty offences from owning animals or working for a business that provides care to animals.

Man convicted for repeatedly kicking and abusing his 10-month-old puppy

A 35-year-old Greenwich man was sentenced at Parramatta Local Court on 30 August 2022, after pleading guilty to five cruelty offences against his 10-month-old Dobermann, ‘Ohlins’. Four further offences relating to the inappropriate confinement of the dog were taken into account on sentence.

Giving horses, like Noodles, a second chance beyond the finish post 

RSPCA NSW is calling our equestrian community to give ex-racehorses, like Noodles, a forever paddock and a new lease on life this November.

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