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Little bit about Barney, the Rescuoodle

Well Squee Squee squee, Ahem, excuse me I was meant to say Hello My name is Barney.

I am a 6 month old male guinea pig who is now on the lookout for my forever home. I have lived with another guinea pig so wouldn't mind another companion to help me learn as I grow up. I require fresh veggies a mix of greens and vitamin C. I would also require fresh water and a good quality pellets as we are always hungry I would also like some hay to eat as well… YUM! our teeth are always growing so please make sure I have some safe timber to chew on to keep my teeth nice and healthy. I have been well handled so I would be great with young kids as long as they are supervised as I can still spook easily. I would love a nice and secure enclosure with plenty on hiding spaces. I am nice quite girl and love to be handled but please supervise around young kids as i can Scare easily.

So what are you waiting for? come on down and say HI today.

Love Barney xXx

Animal ID:222445


Abyssinian aka Rescuoodle

Health Check




Age: 8 Months

Sex: Male

Type: Guinea Pig

Colour: Tri Color

RON: R251000223

Where to find Barney

Phone: N/A

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