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Little bit about Ned

Sqee sqee Sqeeeee….ahem, sorry. I meant to say, hello it is lovely to meet you. My name is Ned and I am looking for my new home.

I came to the RSPCA through no fault of my own. Someone found me running around on the street and no one ever came to claim me. The staff said I am an excellent guinea pig and I will have a new home in no time. I do have a few requirements though. I will need a nice and secure hutch to live in, lots of hay, fresh leafy veggies, fresh water and a teaspoon a day of pellets. I will also need a daily source of vitamin c to keep me healthy.

Did you know that guinea pigs teeth constantly grow? Yup they do, so it is very important that I have the right food to eat and gnaw blocks to chew on to keep my teeth nice and healthy. We also can get scared easily so lots of hidey hole for me to hide in will make me very happy.

If you think I am the pig for you, please speak to the staff.
Love Ned xx

Animal ID:497543



Health Check




Age: Unknown

Sex: Male

Size: Small

Type: Guinea Pig

Colour: Chocolate/White

Location: Petbarn Alexandria

RON: R251000223

Where to find Ned

Petbarn Alexandria
175 McEvoy St

NSW 2015

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