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Little bit about Ophelia

Hi.. My name is Ophelia… sorry, I’m a little shy!

I made my way to the RSPCA after my owner could no longer care for me. I’m on the lookout now for a new home that is quiet and some hoomans that will spend lots of quality time with me to help me warm up.

When I arrived at the RSPCA, I didn’t come alone. I had my little babies with me! I was sent straight into foster care so my little family and I could get all the TLC we could ever want!

My foster family noted that I was initally shy, but once I have some time to settle in and get comfy, you will see for yourself what a sweetheart I am!

When I am settle in, I am affectionate and kind, gentle and sweet. I love nothing more than getting ear rubs and chin scratches while my humans watch TV, or read a book!

I would be over the moon if my new family would give me a few things to help me feel comfy and safe in my new home such as a cat tower with a few hidey holes, a few toys for me to bat around when I feel like it, and I definitely will need a patient and kind family that will love and spoil me with pats and cuddles!

Do you have the time to make me feel at home?

Lots of love,
Ophelia xx

Animal ID:514158


Domestic Short Hair

Health Check




Age: Unknown

Sex: Female

Size: Medium

Type: Cat

Colour: Tabby

Location: Petbarn North Parramatta

RON: R251000223

Where to find Ophelia

Petbarn North Parramatta
563 Church Street

North Parramatta
NSW 2151

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