Savannah is no longer available for adoption.

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Little bit about Savannah, the Rescuoodle

Hi there my name is Savannah and I am a sweet girl who is now looking for my very own family. I came into care with 10 puppies and I have raised and looked after them, I would love for it to be mine time to be looked after and spoilt.

I am a medium energy girl who would love to go on daily sniff walk and weekend adventures with my new family. I have been through some change in the last few weeks so it would be ideal for me to have someone home more often than not while I settle into the home, I will need a secure yard with solid fencing so that I can rest and relax and enrichment is the key to keeping me a happy and healthy girl both physically and mentally.

I would love to have older children in the home that will pick up when I need some time to decompress and sleep and allow me to do this, I am pretty happy to solicit affections and pats however I will need some me time as well. I have meet some dogs here at the shelter and I can get uncomfortable when they come into my space for this reason I will need to be the only dog in the home and I will not be suited to dog parks or off lead areas.


-Must meet all family – No children under 12

-Must be only dog – Owner home more often to help settle

If you think I could be the newest member of your family, please head into the shelter today to say hi, I can't wait to meet you!!! Love Savannah xxx

Animal ID:554065


Siberian Husky aka Rescuoodle

Health Check




Age: 3 Years 10 Months

Sex: Female

Size: Large

Type: Dog

Colour: Sable

RON: R251000223

Where to find Savannah

Phone: N/A

Opening hours are not listed.