Hi there, my name is Marston and I’m part of a reduced price adoption campaign to help me find my forever home. From Saturday 6 May my adoption fee will be reduced by 50%. This means my new adoption fee is $100. Will you adopt me?

Little bit about Marston

Humans! I'm Marston, a one-of-a-kind feline with a personality as eccentric as my mixed breed heritage.

Playfulness is my middle name! I love engaging in games and adventures that challenge my wit and agility. Whether it's chasing feather toys or attempting daring leaps to catch the elusive feather, I'm always up for a thrilling and entertaining play session. But here's a little quirk about me: I may occasionally give love bites during playtime. It's not out of aggression, I promise—it's just my way of showing affection and excitement. Consider it my quirky signature move!

Now, let's talk about my true passion: food! I am an unabashed food enthusiast. The sound of a can opener or the crinkle of a treat bag instantly captures my attention. Treat time is the highlight of my day, and I'll happily shower you with head butts and purrs in gratitude for satisfying my insatiable appetite. A well-stocked and varied menu will surely win you extra points in my book.

When I'm not on a culinary quest, you can often find me basking in the warm glow of the sun. Sunspots are my favorite spots! I love stretching out and soaking up the rays, letting the warmth seep into my fur. It's pure bliss, and I highly recommend you join me for some quality sunbathing sessions. We can enjoy the simple pleasures of life together.

I have an adventurous spirit and a curiosity that knows no bounds. I enjoy exploring every nook and cranny of my environment, investigating hidden corners and secret spaces. You may find me perched on the highest shelf, surveying my kingdom with a mischievous twinkle in my eyes. Just remember to provide me with plenty of stimulating toys and safe spaces for my escapades.

Cuddles and affection? Yes, please! While I have a playful and independent streak, I also have a soft side. There are moments when I crave your attention and seek out cuddle sessions. I'll nestle in your lap, purring contently and demanding gentle strokes. But don't be surprised if my love bites make an appearance during these cozy moments—I can't help but show my affection in my own unique way.

If you're looking for a feline companion who will keep you on your toes with playful antics, delight you with quirky love bites, and join you in appreciating the simple joys of food and sunshine, then Marston is the purrfect match for you. Together, we can embark on a whimsical journey filled with love, laughter, and unforgettable moments. Let's make every day an adventure!

-Indoor Only – not suited to apartment living

-No children under 15 years

Free vet consult at adoption regarding medication

Animal ID:93184


Domestic Short Hair

Health Check




Age: 3 Years 7 Months

Sex: Male

Size: Medium

Type: Cat

Colour: Tabby

Location: Sydney Shelter

RON: R251000223

Where to find Marston

Sydney Shelter
201 Rookwood Rd

NSW 2199

Opening hours:

Animal adoptions and visitation times:
Monday: Closed,
Tuesday: 09:30am – 03:30pm,
Wednesday: 09:30am – 03:30pm,
Thursday: 09:30am – 03:30pm,
Friday: 09:30am – 03:30pm,
Saturday: 09:30am – 03:30pm,
Sunday: 09:30am – 03:30pm