5 Ways You Can Help This Winter

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We need your help. More than 5,500 animals will call an RSPCA NSW shelter home this winter.

Here are five ways you can make a difference to the lives of abandoned and injured animals:


ww11. Donate today and become a Winter Warmer

The best way you can help us this winter is to donate and become an RSPCA NSW Winter Warmer. Over winter, our resources are stretched to their limit. Your gift can be allocated to the animals who are most in need.





2. Spread the word to your family and friends

If all animal lovers band together, we can ensure no furry friend goes without a warm bed this winter. Pass our Winter Warmer message on to your family and friends and keep vulnerable animals in your thoughts this winter.




ww43. Give to one of our shelter wish lists

Our shelters are always in need of additional supplies like blankets, bedding, toys and treats. You can purchase these items directly, and help keep our shelters stocked and ready for winter.






4. Adopt a shelter animal

RSPCA NSW will always do everything in our power to keep all animals warm and happy, but a shelter is no replacement for a loving home. Take a vulnerable cat, dog, horse, pocket pet or bird home and give them a second chance.






5. Become a foster carer

Foster carers give little ones a chance to grow, recover and rehabilitate until they’re ready to go up for adoption. They also take some strain off our overcrowded shelters. Find out how you can get involved in the program.




Your support means we can keep saving the lives of vulnerable animals. Please, become an RSPCA NSW Winter Warmer and wrap an animal in kindness.