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This work was only possible because of your support. Thank you for your generosity.

Bushfire Impact Report

The 2019-20 Australian bushfires were unprecedented in their expanse and ferocity. During the crisis, RSPCA NSW turned up on the ground, both during the emergency and in its wake, to provide support and care to our state’s most vulnerable animals.

Along with the devastation of our wildlife and their habitats, RSPCA NSW acknowledges the owners of pets who had lost their homes during the fires – who had to rebuild their life while caring for their animals. Because of the remarkable help we received from donors all around the world, we were able to assist these people and their pets, easing the physical and financial burden they may have been experiencing by providing supplies, surgeries, treatments, medication and shelter.

The overwhelming generosity of donors from Australia and overseas also meant that, RSPCA NSW was able to lend a hand to over 129 bushfire affected communities and provide assistance and much-needed supplies.

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Your generosity allowed RSPCA NSW to respond immediately and effectively in this crisis – $1.3 million was spent on the ground, rescuing and treating injured animals in their hour of need, as well as supporting animal owners in crisis by providing food, bedding, emergency surgery, temporary fencing and housing, medicine and flea and tick treatment.

When the fires were tearing through the state with anger and ferocity, leaving nothing but smoulder and devastation, your donation immediately dispatched a team of RSPCA NSW animal experts to nine emergency evacuation centres. In the days and weeks following the fires, you helped establish 32 pop-up relief points to directly support impacted communities with much-needed supplies.

We also set up a bushfire assistance form for impacted owners to contact us and receive direct help. Through that form, over 1,000 households were given relief, including Red’s family.

Your help was felt in multiple towns, way up north and way down south. In one case, that meant being the very first emergency response organisation to lend a hand in the severely fire-ravaged town of Towamba.



The terrifying reality of this disaster is that it is likely to happen again. While it’s dreadful to consider, your impact has meant animals in NSW will be more protected than ever before, with $2.6 million allocated to infrastructure that helps RSPCA NSW better respond to emergencies.

To further equip us for future emergencies, RSPCA NSW have invested in a new mobile animal welfare unit to treat as well as vehicles specifically used for animal transport and community outreach.

These vehicles and supplies will mean we can respond to natural disasters immediately and effectively, providing more help to more animals who need it.


The millions upon millions of animals lost during the 2019-2020 fires is nothing short of an appalling tragedy. When the fires came to a merciful end and the ash settled, this was a devastating and sobering reality to adjust to.

New South Wales’ unique and vibrant wildlife has been cherished and celebrated by our communities for generations, and it has never been in more jeopardy.

But thanks to your generosity, there is hope.

Thanks to you, $2.4 million has been allocated to a series of robust and long-term partnerships with wildlife organisations – to ensure these precious animals are conserved for our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren to enjoy.

The first of many is a partnership with Taronga Zoo for a platypus refuge and rehabilitation program. The program will use cutting edge scientific methods to conserve the species and protect them from fire and drought, ensuring that platypuses are kept from the brink of extinction.

RSPCA NSW is also exploring other opportunities to help rehabilitate our wildlife in the most effective and impactful ways. Knowing the extent of their injuries, and how devastated their habitats have been, the wellbeing of our wildlife has never been more of a priority to us. Over the coming months, we plan to share more exciting information about how your donations are helping native creatures in New South Wales.

We want to say thank you for helping make all this possible. Loyal supporters like you are the reason we could help so many animals during the crisis – and it’s why we can keep helping animals for many more years to come. Your wonderful generosity will be felt for years to come.

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