kids resources

Kids Resources

Find out how to keep your cat happy

Welcome to the Keeping Cats Safe at Home Children’s Corner! 

We’re excited to invite you to our special corner of the project, created just for you. Here, you’ll find a world of fun activities, creative adventures, and learning opportunities that will help you become a superhero for cats and wildlife. 

What's in Store for You

Colouring Pages

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Unleash your artistic talents as you bring these furry friends to life with your favourite hues.

Educational Posters

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Have fun with our educational poster where you will discover more about cats, their needs, and how to protect wildlife while having a blast.

Microchipping Activity

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Ever wondered how microchipping works? Our microchipping activity will show you the ropes. Learn about this important step in keeping cats safe and try your hand at being a responsible cat caregiver.

DIY Cat Toys

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Get crafty with our step-by-step guides on creating your very own cat toys. Not only will you have fun making them, but you’ll also make some furry friends very happy. 

Fun Activities

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We’ve got a whole bunch of fun activities waiting for you!

A cat kept safe at home will live on average 10 years longer than a cat who is allowed to roam.

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Want to know HOW to keep your cat safe at home?

It can be easier than you might think.

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Old cats CAN learn new tricks!

Want to keep your cat to the safe-at-home?

So you've found kittens - What do you do?

Find out what to do if you come across stray kittens outside. With the help of an adult, follow our step by step plan on what’s next.

We have even included a handy decision tree to help you, mum or dad decide on what to do!

kitten season

Free downloadable, vet approved resources

Enrichment: Help your cat live their best life at home

enrichment for your cat

How to keep your cats safe at home

how to keep your cat safe at home

Introducing your new cat to your dog

introducing you new cat to you dog

Introducing your new cat to your existing feline family

introducing your new cat to your feline family

Settling your cat into the family

settling your cat into the family

Transitioning to the safe-at-home lifestyle

transitioning to the safe at home lifestyle

Activities for the Kids

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What your cat needs at home

what your cat needs at home

Cats and Wildlife

Welcome to our informative section dedicated to understanding the impacts of cats on wildlife. Discover the ecological dynamics and gain insights into how cats, both domestic and feral, can interact with and affect wildlife populations.

Through carefully selected expert resources, we aim to foster awareness and encourage responsible pet ownership. Together, let’s explore the intricate balance between our love for cats and the preservation of our precious wildlife, working towards a harmonious coexistence for all.

Responsible cat ownership in Australia

7 4 cat impacts and management knowledge exchange for stakeholders ff v4 Page 1

Cat urban impacts

cat impact urban final

Cats and their native impact

cat impacts final

Activities for kids

Welcome to our vibrant section dedicated to all thing’s cats and wildlife, specially designed for our young explorers! Here, children can immerse themselves in a world of feline fascination and wildlife wonders.

For the kids – Cat maze

Cat Maze Challenge scaled

Kids activities

KCSAH23 A3 Poster F PRINT pdf

Kids activities – Answers

KCSH A3 Poster Answers

Microchipping Activities

Ready to get started on your Keeping Cats Safe at Home adventure? Click on the links below to explore each activity: 

Microchipping Adventure! ? Have you ever wondered how we help lost kitties find their way back home? In this fun activity, you’ll discover what microchipping is all about. Get ready to play detective as you scan a QR code on a virtual cat to find out if it has a loving owner or if it’s looking for a new forever home.

It’s a purr-fect way to learn about responsible cat care and how technology can make a big difference for our furry friends! 

What is microchipping?

What is microchipping

Activities for kids – Rehome and microchip

Rehome or reunite microchip activity pdf

Feline Fun and Playtime

Embark on a whisker-twitching journey as we invite you to explore your creativity and craft wonderful toys for your beloved feline companions.

Safe cat wildlife cat toy

40071 ZV Safe Cat Safe Wildlife Cat Toy R128 Page 1

Cat recycler-ball

Cat Recyclerball

Colouring Pages

Attention, young artists! Grab your favourite colouring tools and embark on a meow-some journey through our collection of colouring pages!

Colouring in activity

Colour in A4 V2 2016 2 1 scaled

Australian wildlife colouring in activity

australian wildlife

Cockatoo colouring activity


Do you have a safe-at-home cat already? We love to see them!

More than 50% of cats in NSW already live safe at home… Here are just a few of them to give you some motivation and inspiration! Do you have a creative catio? Have you made the most of small space? Do you have a genius cat enrichment hack? We’d love to see them and share with our cat-loving community.

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