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Why roam when you can be safe at home?

There's no place like home

Think of your dream home, somewhere happy and fun where you can feel safe and secure. You can create this for your cat. Keeping your cat at home, also known as cat containment or an at-home lifestyle, means not letting them roam from your property at any time, day or night. There are lots of great, practical and affordable cat containment options to choose from like keeping them indoors, or a combination of indoors and outdoors in a secure enclosure or backyard with an escape-proof fence. So, what’s holding you back from giving your cat their dream at-home lifestyle?

I thought it’s ok for cats to roam?
The idea that cats need to roam around the neighbourhood has changed. There’s no need for cats to roam when they can have an awesome life at home. You can give your cat everything they need at home including food, water, litter trays, comfy resting and hiding spots, and opportunities to do all their natural behaviours like climbing, scratching, running, jumping, and pouncing (on treats and toys).

I thought cats need to roam?
To be happy Did you know that 60% of cats live at home? They’re living their best lives with lots of activities that stimulate their senses, fun games and toys, the company of their favourite people, and puzzles and play that keep them physically and mentally healthy.

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I’m sure my cat doesn’t roam very far…

What did you get up to when your parents weren’t looking? Tracking devices have blown the lid on what cats get up to. We might think they’re not going very far but they’re actually living secret double lives, travelling several kilometres in a single night, visiting other people’s backyards and bushland, and crossing busy roads.

My cat is fine roaming!
Cranky neighbours who don’t like it when cats poop in their garden aren’t even the worst your cat faces out there. It’s a dog eat cat world. Common dangers include being lost, stolen, impounded, poisoned, getting into fights, picking up diseases and parasites, and being hit by cars. Avoid a CATastrophe. Keep your cat home safe.

I don’t think my cat hunts…
Even if your cat is well-fed, wears a bell, is kept in at night and has never brought home a dead animal, studies have found that they’re still out there hunting, day and night, on the down low. When they look so cute and innocent, it can be hard to accept that roaming pet cats kill millions of wild animals across Australia every year but you can prevent this from happening by keeping your cat at home.

My cat is used to roaming so it’s too late to keep them at home!
Change is as good as a holiday. Book that home-BnB and give your cat the most amazing staycation. You can teach an old cat new tricks. It’s never too late. Gradually transition your cat to an at-home lifestyle, giving them lots of exciting activities, and slowly increasing the time they stay at home. In some areas, cats are required by law to be contained. Check requirements with your local council.
Keeping your cat safe at home means everyone can live in harmony – you, your cat, your neighbours and local wildlife. You can enjoy more quality time with your cat, strengthening the bond you share, and have peace-of-mind knowing that they’re safe. Cats who stay home can have fulfilling, happy and healthy lives. They even live longer on average compared to cats who are allowed to roam. Life is better with a cat. Keep it that way!

More information can be found in the RSPCA Australia guide ‘Keeping Your Cat Safe and Happy at Home’ (2019).

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Keeping Cats Safe at home Project FAQs

  • Keeping Cats Safe at Home a ground-breaking RSPCA NSW project running over four years
  • It will work with 11 councils across NSW to provide cat lovers with the inspiration, motivation and information needed to help their cats live long, healthy and enriched lives
  • Keeping Cats Safe at Home aims to encourage and support cat owners to prevent their cats from roaming away from their properties both to keep cats safe and to protect native wildlife.
  • The project will create tailored toolkits for 11 partner council areas across NSW as well as resources to equip cat lovers everywhere with the knowledge and skills to help their cats live their best life at home
  • Social science and ecology research will be undertaken to monitor the effectiveness of the campaign so we can apply what we learn in other locations in NSW and further afield
  1. Blue Mountains City Council
  2. Byron Shire Council
  3. Campbelltown City Council
  4. City of Parramatta
  5. Hornsby Shire Council
  6. Kyogle Council
  7. Northern Beaches Council
  8. Shoalhaven City Council
  9. Tweed Shire Council
  10. Walgett Shire Council
  11. Weddin Shire Council