It can be stressful when your pets are not getting along. In the beginning, it is critical to take precautions. Separate your animals and ensure they are not together unsupervised. Comfort between all of your pets may take some time and requires patience and dedication. If the animals have already been introduced, but the relationship is rocky, you may need to consider separating them and starting again with a new, slower introduction technique. In other cases, careful management may help to improve their relationship.

Try these tips

Supervise the introduction

Introduce animals carefully and supervise them until you feel confident that they can be alone together. It is okay that your pets do not get along as long as each of them has a safe and secure environment away from other animals.

Consider your cat`s environment

Is your cat healthy, happy and well exercised? These factors can influence anxiety and anti-social behaviour. Ensure these things are on track before trying to set up a social interaction between your cat and other animals at home.

Reward good behaviour

Use positive reinforcement training techniques as the basis of your training - reward `good` behaviour and avoid reinforcing `unwanted` behaviour. Seek professional help and advice from a reputable trainer or your local RSPCA NSW shelter or veterinary hospital. You could also speak with your local vet to find a responsible trainer in your area. Ensure the trainer only uses positive reinforcement training techniques.


Be patient

Don’t rush introductions because you think your pets “should” get along or have gotten along with other animals in the past.

Provide a safe space

Provide each pet with a `safe space` to get away and feel secure.

Give the relationship time

After starting with the above tips, it`s important to be patient. Seeing positive changes in your cat`s behaviour will take time and persistence. In the meantime, there are loads of great resources on our knowledgebase for you to read through.


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