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Thank you so much,

Seriously, you’ve done a great thing!

Your kindness will mean cruelty won’t win.
This winter, we’re seeing a growing number of animals with complex needs coming to
us after suffering cruelty or neglect.

With your help, an animal like Buddy will receive urgent vet care to heal physically,
but also behavioural support to start to feel safe again.

Thank you for helping to rescue an animal like Buddy and give them a chance at
a new start in life.

Tell your friends how they can help animals in need!

Thank you 2

Become a regular giver

Become a monthly donor today and give ongoing support to animals in need over winter. A small monthly gift will change the lives of so many animals.

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Other ways to get involved

There are many other ways you can support the RSPCA. Click to find out more about volunteering, foster care and animal adoption.

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