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Putting an end to the business of cruelty.

The Business of Cruelty

Intensive breeding facilities (also known as puppy factories, puppy farms, backyard breeders or puppy mills) are large-scale, commercial enterprises which put profit before animal welfare.
Intensive breeding facilities are typically large-scale, commercial enterprises, however poor conditions can also occur in small-scale breeding businesses that may or may not be run for profit. Often, the animals at these properties are kept in horrible conditions that fail to fulfil the animals’ physical, behavioural, social, and/or physiological needs. Mothers are bred repeatedly throughout their lives.

Animals born or kept in intensive breeding facilities may be subject to a host of welfare concerns, including overcrowding, constant confinement, over-breeding, early infant-mother separation, a lack of veterinary care, unhygienic housing conditions and a number of other health complications. In these facilities they are often incapable of exercising, socialising, playing, or interacting with humans.

As a result of these terrible conditions, many puppies from these facilities have long-term behavioural or health problems that can stay with them throughout their lives. These include chronic skin, ear and eye problems, increased risk of infections, chronic anxiety, heartworm, severe dental disease, congenital abnormalities and behaviour issues like inappropriate toileting.

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Intensive Breeding Taskforce FAQs

In NSW, it is not illegal for breeders to sell animals to pet shops for sale to the public. The sale of animals in pet shops falls under the Animal Welfare Code of Practice – Animals in pet shops, and pet shops must comply with the requirements outlined in that Code at all times. If you are worried that a pet shop is not meeting the Code, please report it to us here so we can investigate.