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Putting an end to the business of cruelty.

Tip-Off Form

If you have first-hand experience or information about a non-compliant breeding operation, please make a formal cruelty report here.

With many irresponsible breeders operating in secrecy and hidden from view, RSPCA NSW relies on information from the public to identify and investigate cases of potential animal cruelty.
However, If you have information about a suspected non-compliant breeding operation, but do not have first-hand information, you can submit the below tip-off form.

These tips will help us gather intelligence of possible intensive puppy and kitten breeders across the state. All information disclosed is completely confidential.

Learn about the Intensive Breeding Taskforce (IBTF)

Intensive Breeding Taskforce FAQs

In NSW, it is not illegal for breeders to sell animals to pet shops for sale to the public. The sale of animals in pet shops falls under the Animal Welfare Code of Practice – Animals in pet shops, and pet shops must comply with the requirements outlined in that Code at all times. If you are worried that a pet shop is not meeting the Code, please report it to us here so we can investigate.

Intensive breeding facilities are not illegal to operate and the reality is that many pets were bred in these kinds of places. However, if you are worried that your pet has health issues relating to how they were bred, it’s worth having a conversation with your veterinarian.
If you would like to make a report or provide a tip-off about the breeding facility, you can do so here.