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Putting an end to the business of cruelty.

The Team

The Intensive Breeding Taskforce (IBTF) includes four full-time inspectors, a Digital Intelligence Officer and has the full support of our legal and inspectorate teams. Given the nature of their work, we are unable to provide specific details about the men and women who make up the IBTF.
The IBTF has a wide range of experience in animal welfare, corrections, policing, IT, digital forensics, and more. Together, they have been with RSPCA NSW for 42 years and are very passionate about this work.

The team investigates reports of inadequate conditions and standards at breeding facilities and enforce the Animal Welfare Code of Practice – Breeding Dogs and Cats and the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act (1979). They also works closely with compliant, capable, and well-meaning breeders to provide advice and information to improve animal welfare outcomes and help prevent future issues.

Our Digital Intelligence Office (DIO) plays a critical role in this work given how covert and secretive many of these facilities are. The DIO investigates and records breeding facility data from trading websites, social media pages and groups, and cruelty reports made to RSPCA NSW. They also examine images and videos sent to us to determine whether an offence has been committed and, if so, who is responsible. The work of the DIO is critical to gathering evidence and identifying offenders and locations so inspectors can then take action.

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Learn about the Intensive Breeding Taskforce (IBTF)

Intensive Breeding Taskforce FAQs

RSPCA NSW inspectors can only seize animals if they suspect, on reasonable grounds, that:

  • an offence against The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act (1979) or The Animal Welfare Code of Practice is being, has been, or is about to be committed
  • the animal has not been provided with proper and sufficient food or drink during the previous 24 hours
  • the animal is so severely injured, sick or in such a physical condition that it is necessary that the animal be provided with urgent veterinary treatment and that treatment is not being provided

Unless at least one of the above conditions is met, our inspectors do not have the legal authority to seize an animal.

While the internet is a great way to research and look for your new best friend, you need to be extremely cautious when buying a pet online. If you aren’t able to meet the breeder or animal in person before purchasing, we would suggest asking to have a video call with the breeder so you can see the animal, the housing conditions and ask any questions.