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Our volunteer branches provide vital care and comfort to animals in need.

Port Macquarie Volunteer Branch

The RSPCA NSW Port Macquarie Volunteer Branch is the backbone of our work in the Port Macquarie community. Run exclusively by volunteers, the branch plays a vital role in advocating for animals in need. The branch also holds initiatives and fundraising events including: financial assistance for desexing, microchipping and vaccination of animals; Emergency Care Program (financial assistance for unexpected vet bills). The branch runs the RSPCA NSW Port Macquarie Op Shop, located at 15 Short St, Port Macquarie. All proceeds from this incredible Op Shop are directed to aiding the welfare of animals.

If you have a genuine concern for animal welfare and enjoy meeting like-minded people, why not lend a helping hand? Join the local Port Macquarie Volunteer Branch and help us raise much needed funds for the care and enrichment of animal lives.

Contact Details

PO Box 5504
Port Macquarie, NSW, 2444

Phone: 0459 129 524

Desex Hotline: 0417 239 993

Email: portmacquariebranch@rspcansw.org.au

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Branches and Support Team FAQ's

Our volunteer branches cannot investigate animal cruelty matters. To report cruelty, please phone our contact centre on 1300 278 3589.

Some volunteer branches are financially able to offer subsidised desexing and veterinary assistance for pets of lower income families and pensioners.

It is spent on animal welfare in the same local area it was raised in.

Our volunteer branches are not shelters but some locations do organise foster carers and help rehome animals. Volunteer branches predominantly fundraise and provide animal care assistance.

You do not need to be a member to volunteer at any of our shelters or community events. And if you are a volunteer, you do not automatically become a member. Membership is a separate process to volunteering. If you wish to become part of an executive committee at one of our regional branches, you will need to become a financial member first.

Members do not exclusively receive free or discounted tickets for events. However, there are promotions, special invitations and discounts to certain events for all our supporters. Because you’re making a difference to animal welfare, we hope that volunteering with us is a rewarding experience!

Unfortunately, all states run different volunteer programs and you will need to apply to that specific RSPCA.