RSPCA NSW Veterinary Services

RSPCA NSW aims to provide the highest level of veterinary care to animals across the state, operating four veterinary hospitals and a consult room. But did you know that as well as caring for shelter animals and those who have suffered cruelty, we also care for the pets of private clients? Keep reading to find out what services are available near you.

The our highly experienced veterinary teams and specialists work with state-of-the-art surgical and diagnostic equipment, ensuring every animal always receives excellent treatment.

Best of all, when you take your much-loved pet to one of RSPCA NSW’s veterinary hospitals, the money goes straight back into caring for abandoned, neglected and sick animals. Paying a veterinary bill should always feel so good!

The RSPCA Broken Hill Veterinary Hospital


The Broken Hill Veterinary Hospital was established in 1974. It cares for cats, dogs, small animals, horses and local wildlife. The hospital accommodates minor surgeries, as well as desexing and microchipping services, and vaccinations. In addition, it offers modern ECG, IDEXX in-house laboratory facilities, ultrasound and X-ray services. Dental facilities and endoscopy are also available.

The facility regularly holds days when vaccinations and health checks are given at a reduced cost. It also works in collaboration with the local council to offer an annual desexing program for low income pet owners.

The RSPCA Hunter Veterinary Hospital


The Hunter Veterinary Hospital in Rutherford was completed in 2005. It treats shelter animals and strays, providing veterinary care for impounded animals on behalf of four councils.

There are two consultation rooms, two state-of-the-art operating theatres with four surgical tables, an in-house laboratory and an X-ray room. There are also four dedicated isolation wards and four other self-contained wards for isolating patients with infectious diseases. The hospital also features a special, easy-access ambulance bay.

Along with the RSPCA Tighes Hill Veterinary Hospital, Hunter Veterinary Hospital offers desexing and microchipping services, referrals to specialist services, and clinical advice and support to pet owners in the community. It also sells a range of veterinary retail products.

The RSPCA Care Centre Rouse Hill

The Care Centre at Rouse Hill cares for the pets of private patients in the community. It features an outpatient veterinary consult room which provides desexing, microchipping and vaccination services. It also offers ear, eye and general health checks, as well as advice regarding temperament.

The Care Centre also accommodates Duke of Edinburgh placements and supported volunteer programs.

The RSPCA Sydney Veterinary Hospital

The Sydney Veterinary Hospital operates four state-of-the-art operating theatres, including one dedicated to soft tissue surgery, and one specifically for orthopaedic surgery, specialising in cruciate disease, fracture repair and patella surgery. There is also a dental suite which accommodates cats and dogs, as well as minor procedures for ferrets, guinea pigs and rabbits.

In addition, there are ultrasound and X-ray suites, as well as an intensive care unit ward and onsite blood works at our in-house pathology laboratory. There are also separate wards for cats and dogs, and a dedicated ward for pockets pets.

The facility also offers Puppy Preschool classes, barking consultations, desexing and vaccination services, and diet advice for animals who need to shed a few kilos.

The RSPCA Tighes Hill Veterinary Hospital

The Tighes Hill Veterinary Hospital cares for pets of private clients in the community. It complements the work of the Hunter Veterinary Hospital in caring for and treating shelter animals and strays, and provides veterinary care for impounded animals on behalf of four councils.

The hospital has an operating theatre and monitored recovery areas. It offers microchipping services and referrals to specialist services, as well as clinical advice and support to pet owners. It also sells a range of veterinary retail products.

Find your local RSPCA NSW veterinary hospital today here.