Add Adopting a Rescuoodle to your New Year’s Resolution List

For many, a brand new year opens the door to new beginnings.

As we reflect on the past twelve months and lay out our intentions for the year to come, it’s important to remember the hundreds of rescues awaiting adoption in RSPCA NSW shelters. With so many animals on the lookout for their own fresh start in 2024, your perfect forever friend could be right around the corner.

At RSPCA NSW, we believe that rescues are a breed of their own. That’s why, late last year, we introduced the world to the Rescuoodles! The newest breed sweeping hearts across the state, no two Rescuoodles are the same. They can meow, squeak, chirp or bark, but something else sets them apart from other animals: an irreplaceable personality that you will adore for the rest of your life.

So why shop for the perfect breed when you can adopt the perfect friend? Indeed, whether you’re pledging to embrace new opportunities or committing to a year of self-improvement, the perfect Rescuoodle might be just what you need to help you see your resolutions through!


This year I want to: Improve Fitness

Resolution buddies: Astro or Cardi G!

Staying active is a vital component in maintaining our overall health and well-being. Thankfully, we know two beautiful dogs who’d love to keep you on your toes!

Astro is an adorable Australian Kelpie X and Cardi G an Australian Cattle Dog X. While both rescuoodles, their working breed backgrounds have prepared them to be energetic and intelligent companions. They love staying fit by exploring the neighbourhood during afternoon strolls in addition to keeping their minds active with some backyard playtime and creative enrichment.


New Project 33

Cardi G (left) and Astro (right).

View Cardi G’s adoption information here.

View Astro’s adoption information here.


This year I want to: Read More Books. 

Resolution buddies: Miss Puss or Gizmo!

It can be hard to find the time to wind down with a good book, but laid back rescues Miss Puss and Gizmo have found the perfect solution. By being the purr-fect lap warmers to keep you company during your down time, you can thumb through your new Christmas reads with all the cuddles you could want! If you don’t already how affectionate Rescuoodles can be, it’s time to find out by adopting your very own cuddle bug today!


New Project 36

Gizmo (left) and Miss Puss (right).

View Gizmo’s adoption information here.

View Miss Puss’ adoption information here.


This year I want to: Eat Healthier 

Resolution buddies: Amor or Harlow!

A quality diet is an important factor in feeling like a happier, healthier you. It just so happens that animals like rabbits and birds thrive on a diet filled with daily fruit and veg.

When preparing your next healthy meal or nutritious daily snack, set aside your leftover chopped up veg for an adorable pocket pet. Rescues like Harlow the rabbit and Amor would be delighted to take them off your hands. Friends like these are sure to inspire you with their admirable diets alone!


New Project 39

Amor (left) and Harlow (right).

View Amor’s adoption information here.

View Harlow’s adoption information here.


This year I want to: Spend More Time with Family and Friends. 

Resolution buddies: Greg or Pedro!

The people we stay connected to have a big impact on our lives; many of us want nothing more than to spend time with the people we cherish most. Staying social and connected isn’t just beneficial for humans, just ask resident social butterflies Pedro and Greg the duck!

Guinea pigs are highly social creatures who live their lives to the fullest when with other little piggies and, of course, what would a duck be without their forever flock? Greg and Pedro are some of the friendliest animals we have ever met, and we cannot wait for them to find their new forever homes.


New Project 42

Greg (left) and Pedro (right).

View Greg’s adoption information here.

View Pedro’s adoption information here.


This year I want to: Volunteer/Give Back. 

Resolution buddies: All RSPCA NSW animals that need your love and support! 

The new year brings new opportunities to make a difference for the animals who need us most.  By becoming an RSPCA NSW donor, you can help us rescue, treat, and rehabilitate animals across the state, helping us ensure that they are protected from cruelty and neglect. You can also make 2024 the year that you take a more hands-on approach. By becoming an RSPCA NSW volunteer or foster carer, you can come to the aid of our animals yourself! There are thousands of animals across the state in various stages of their adoption journeys, and by joining RSPCA NSW’s network of volunteers and foster carers, you can give animals like Winter and Kaylee (below) the chance to search for their future families.


New Project 45

Winter (left) and Kaylee (right).

View Winter’s adoption information here.

View Kaylee’s adoption information here.



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