Feline Focus: Cat Safety and Enrichment Resources

Welcome to our dedicated resource page, geared towards cat owners, local councils, educators, and passionate cat lovers in New South Wales. Here, we have provided a wealth of valuable insights, inspirational ideas, expert advice, and comprehensive answers to address the crucial aspects of cat safety and cat enrichment.

Our goal is to empower and support individuals and organisations across the state in extending and enhancing the lives of cats. Whether you’re a cat owner seeking guidance, a local council looking for effective strategies or assets, an educator searching for educational resources, or simply a cat lover eager to learn more, this section serves as a valuable hub to cater to your unique needs!

2 in 3 Australian cat owners have lost a cat to a roaming related incident.

The at-home lifestyle every cat needs

Condos to catios, the many options for a safe-at-home lifestyle

Making the Move

The Perfect Time to Transition Your Cat to a Safe-at-Home Lifestyle

Highlighted Resources

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