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Welcome to the "Keeping Cats Safe at Home" Education Page!

Dear Teachers and Parents, 

We are delighted to welcome you to our dedicated education page, designed to empower children with the knowledge and skills to become responsible cat caregivers and conservation-conscious citizens. Our mission is to foster a deep understanding of cats and promote their safety, as well as the well-being of our precious wildlife.

What You'll Discover

1- Curriculum-Linked Education Program

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Our carefully crafted curriculum is aimed at introducing children to the world of cats. It covers various aspects, including understanding their needs, providing care, and ensuring their safety.

2- Engaging PowerPoint Presentation

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Access our dynamic PowerPoint presentation, tailor-made for young minds. It’s a visually stimulating tool that simplifies complex concepts and makes learning about cats both fun and informative.

3- Presentation Guide

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To make your teaching experience seamless, we’ve prepared a comprehensive presentation guide. It provides step-by-step instructions, discussion points, and suggested activities to enhance your lessons. 

4- Interactive Activities

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Dive into a treasure trove of interactive activities that can be enjoyed both at home and in the classroom. These activities foster hands-on learning, helping children internalize the lessons with enthusiasm.

5 -Activity Poster

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Reinforce key takeaways with our eye-catching activity poster. It serves as a valuable visual aid that summarizes essential information and keeps the conversation alive. 

Our program is not only about educating children but also about inspiring a sense of responsibility and empathy. By teaching children how to care for their feline companions and protect our wildlife, we are nurturing a generation that values both animal welfare and conservation.

6- Cats and Wildlife

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Find valuable resources to explore the interaction between cats and wildlife, understand how they affect each other, and why it is crucial to promote harmony between our feline friends and precious wildlife.

Thank you for joining us in this vital mission. Together, we can create a world where cats are safe, happy, and cherished, and where our wildlife thrives without unnecessary harm. 

Let’s embark on this exciting educational journey together! 

2 in 3 Australian cat owners have lost a cat to a roaming related incident.

Keeping Cats Safe at Home" Presentation

This valuable resource is designed to provide knowledge about cats, their well-being, and their impact on wildlife. Our PowerPoint presentation covers a range of crucial topics, empowering our children to become informed advocates for responsible cat ownership and wildlife conservation.  

Topics Covered:  

Caring for Cats: To discover the essential elements of providing love, care, and a safe environment for our feline companions. To ensure their health, happiness, and overall well-being. 

Keeping Cats Safe: To explore strategies and best practices for safeguarding cats from potential dangers in the outdoor world. 

The Impact of Cats on Wildlife: To learn about the fascinating world of cats’ natural instincts and behaviours and understand their role in the ecosystem. To learn about the challenges cats can pose to wildlife and why it’s essential to address them.

What to Do About It: To gain insights into practical steps to take as responsible cat caregivers and conservation-conscious individuals to mitigate the impact of cats on wildlife. To discover how small changes in our behaviour can make a big difference. 

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Keeping Cats Safe at Home Education Trip

The Keeping Cats Safe at Home Education Program was officially launched at schools across the New South Wales Northern Rivers region this June

Teachers’ Booklets

We are thrilled to introduce our downloadable teacher booklets, specially crafted to enrich your classroom experience! These comprehensive resources are designed to align with the curriculum and cater to each stage of primary school education.

RSPCA NSW Cat program Early Stage 1

RSPCA CatProgram EarlyStage1 V1 002 pdf

RSPCA NSW Cat program Stage 1

RSPCA CatProgram Stage1 V1 pdf

RSPCA NSW Cat program Stage 2

RSPCA CatProgram Stage2 V1 pdf

RSPCA NSW Cat program Stage 3

RSPCA CatProgram Stage3 V1 pdf

Cats and Wildlife

Welcome to our informative section dedicated to understanding the impacts of cats on wildlife. Discover the ecological dynamics and gain insights into how cats, both domestic and feral, can interact with and affect wildlife populations.

Through carefully selected expert resources, we aim to foster awareness and encourage responsible pet ownership. Together, let’s explore the intricate balance between our love for cats and the preservation of our precious wildlife, working towards a harmonious coexistence for all.

Responsible cat ownership in Australia

7 4 cat impacts and management knowledge exchange for stakeholders ff v4 Page 1

Cat urban impacts

cat impact urban final

Cats and their native impact

cat impacts final

Activities for kids

Welcome to our vibrant section dedicated to all thing’s cats and wildlife, specially designed for our young explorers! Here, children can immerse themselves in a world of feline fascination and wildlife wonders.

For the kids – Cat maze

Cat Maze Challenge scaled

Kids activities

KCSAH23 A3 Poster F PRINT pdf

Kids activities – Answers

KCSH A3 Poster Answers

Microchipping Activities

Thanks to microchipping, RSPCA NSW reunites many cats with their owners every year.

Help us find out how if these cats need to be rehomed or reunited with this activity pack created by Cat Protection UK.

This interactive activity requires a phone with a camera or QR code scanner – it’s your job to scan the cats and help them get reunited with their families or find a new home for them.

What is microchipping?

What is microchipping

Activities for kids – Rehome and microchip

Rehome or reunite microchip activity pdf


Join us in a pawsitively exciting adventure as we invite you to unleash your creativity and build awesome toys for your furry feline friends.

Safe cat wildlife cat toy

40071 ZV Safe Cat Safe Wildlife Cat Toy R128 Page 1

Cat recycler-ball

Cat Recyclerball

Colouring Pages

Attention, young artists! Grab your favourite colouring tools and embark on a meow-some journey through our collection of colouring pages!

Colouring in activity

Colour in A4 V2 2016 2 1 scaled

Australian wildlife colouring in activity

australian wildlife

Cockatoo colouring activity


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