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RSPCA NSW runs training programs about animal care and welfare.

Introducing your pet to a new baby

This general interest course is aimed at teaching people how to prepare for the introduction of an existing pet to a new baby.

The course is suitable for those who are pregnant, already have small children or those who are planning a family. Topics covered include the following areas:

  • Understanding dog body language
  • Conditioning your dog to babies, baby noises and equipment
  • Basic dog training
  • Household management
  • Planning for the newborn stage
  • Pets and toddlers
  • Seeking further assistance

Course delivery options 

This course is available online or face to face. To enrol in a course please click below to select either face to face or online options.

If you have any questions, please contact or phone (02) 9782 4478.

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The advice provided during this training is of a general nature only. Animal temperaments and individual household situations can differ substantially. For specific information about your animal’s behaviour and interaction with your family, expert veterinarian advice or the assistance of a veterinary behaviourist should be sought.

Please note that undertaking training through RSPCA NSW does not guarantee an interview for a paid or volunteer position at RSPCA NSW. You can find a list of any available positions at RSPCA NSW here.